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Søren Clemen Møller Gøttsche

With storytelling as a key element, I create communication, marketing, and editorial content that have a significant impact

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Define, create, measure, evaluate...

    The above pretty much sums up how I make everything from engaging content to bespoke communication strategies.

    Engaging with both social media, video and marketing, I utilise a highly developed set of communication skills as well as a trained journalistic mind-set.

    These involve classical editorial assignments (articles, newsletters, ghost writing, e.g.) and various marketing disciplines, such as content marketing, native advertising and digital storytelling.

    In addition, I thrive at developing and implementing social media strategies together with managing a handful of social media accounts on a daily basis (mainly Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter).

    Lastly, I’m a vivid storyteller with my camera, creating both still images and video. Below you can see examples of my videos.